2023 Hill Day: Chandra's Story

DPAC Hill Day. United States Congress members. People in suits and ties. Secure buildings.
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PART 1: Diabetes and the Holidays

I typically bolus for carbs once per hour and then see what happens. I try to not stack more than one bolus per hour and make sure...
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PART 2: Diabetes and the Holidays

It's understandable that holiday gatherings can be distracting. Stacking insulin with smaller boluses is a prudent strategy to manage blood...
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Confronting Insurance Denials: Jessica’s Story

Reading the news from my insurance company, I was crushed. “After review, we have made the decision about your health care coverage. Coverage for the requested medical device has been denied because we have not obtained clinical information from your provider to determine whether or not the device is medically necessary.”
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DPAC and DLC issue joint statement on Tennessee decision to reject legislation that would cap insulin costs

February 26, 2024
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The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition Recognizes Washington State Senator Karen Keiser with the DPAC Legislative Champion Award

January 18, 2024
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Court Strikes Down HHS Rule that Allowed Insurers to Not Count Copay Assistance

October 2, 2023
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29 patient, provider and consumer organizations file amicus brief supporting DLC, DPAC and HIV-Hepatitis Policy Institute lawsuit against HHS

February 10, 2023
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