A Trusted Voice

As a trusted voice in the diabetes community, we want to provide the right resources in the areas of safety, quality, and access for people with diabetes.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, we hope that this will help.

Consensus Statement on U.S. Health Care Reform for People with Diabetes

At DPAC, we work to place diabetes in the national policy spotlight and educate lawmakers on the need to address the diabetes epidemic through legislative solutions. Alongside our partners, the Diabetes Leadership Council, and 10 other national diabetes organizations, we co-authored a consensus statement to provide a roadmap on U.S. health care reform for people with diabetes.

Insulin Affordability Project

We believe that all Americans with diabetes should have affordable access to insulin. The Affordable Insulin Project offers tools, resources and data so that people impacted by today’s rising health care costs can positively influence affordable access to this essential drug. Whether you are a patient, family member, employer or healthcare professional, you can spark a conversation. 

Health Insurance Information

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires access to medications, supplies and services to successfully manage. Due to the complexity of the disease, picking a health insurance plan that will cover all necessary supplies at a reasonable cost is of utmost importance. Check out our Insurance Cost Worksheet and Insurance 101 tutorial for resources to help navigate picking the right insurance plan for you! 

Pay to Live Music Video

"Pay to Live" is written and performed by Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) and Diabetes Leadership Council (DLC) CEO and DLC co-founder George Huntley. "Pay to Live" illustrates some of the challenges that patients with chronic conditions – like diabetes – face in affording and accessing lifesaving and life-sustaining medications.