Announcing the April 2019 Policy Training Meeting Attendees!

We are pleased to announce the attendees for the April 2019 Policy Training Meeting in Washington, DC!

These individuals will be attending an in-depth issue advocacy training and representing DPAC on May 2nd for a day advocating on Capitol Hill. They will also be participating in a DPAC hosted Congressional Briefing breakfast. Along with members of our DPAC Patient Advisory Board and other DPAC Champions, we'll be welcoming:

Cindy C., NY

Sarah B., NC

Michele W., CA

Alicia W., NY

Kasey C., TX

Robert P., NY

Claire P., CO

Zoe H., PA

Michelle B., WI

Mike B., IL

Stacey D., NY

Jessica L., NC

Trip S., GA

We want to sincerely thank everybody who applied - we had many amazing advocates to choose from! There will be additional opportunities to represent DPAC at these programs and others this year!