Are You A Passionate Diabetes Advocate? Join the DPAC Patient Advisory Board!

What is the DPAC Patient Advisory Board?

The DPAC Patient Advisory Board (PAB) is a diverse group of people from the diabetes community who support DPAC's mission and further its goals. From identifying and weighing in on diabetes policy advocacy issues on a federal and state level to advising on educational training content, the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition's PAB plays an integral role in ensuring the diabetes patients' voices are heard. These members will represent DPAC at policy meetings, testimonies, and events that need a personal diabetes perspective.

DPAC was founded by patients in the diabetes community to ensure that there was a trusted voice that represented all 30.3 million American families impacted by diabetes in the United States. It is important to DPAC that all facets of our community are represented, since people being personally invested in our voice is essential. Drawing from all corners of our community, we seek parents, patients, and significant others from all types of diabetes.

The diverse viewpoints from the DPAC PAB members will ensure that DPAC represents all voices of the diabetes community. The input from the PAB will help ensure that DPAC continues to be the foremost organization in the diabetes advocacy space.

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How Can You Get Involved?

We’re looking for people to join the DPAC PAB now! You can apply by filling out a short application, which will ask for you to answer a few questions. Applications are open between now and March 27, 2019.

In order to ensure transparency and promote DPAC as the trusted patient advocacy voice, there are a few requirements for being a PAB member. If selected, you will:

  • Commit a minimum of 2-5 hours per month of your time
  • Represent the faces and voices of our community
  • Attend online PAB meetings monthly (will transition to bi-monthly once in working groups)
  • Attend a DPAC Policy Training Meeting in D.C. (costs are covered)
  • Promote, represent, and advocate for DPAC's issues
  • Be willing to share your personal story - whether that be through a blog post for DPAC's website, or other ways via social media
  • Work collaboratively with staff and other members on particular issues, both State and Federal
  • Be active in the PAB online group forum and be willing to add to group conversation
  • Participate in advanced advocacy training either online or in person
  • Be willing to engage and promote DPAC on social media
  • Have a willingness to participate as a speaker or on a webinar regarding a topic that you are familiar with
  • Be independent from conflicting diabetes advocacy messaging. No PAB member may be an employee/contractor of another diabetes non-profit, corporation, or movement that influences the diabetes community in any way to ensure there are no conflicts of interest
  • Be a registered voter in the United States.

See the DPAC Patient Advisory Board application for details on the requirements and apply today! (You can upload your resume, letters of recommendation, and a cover letter in the application.)

We know that as a strong community, we've already done so much.

Let's make sure that our policy makers continue to hear from us!