Ask your Representative to Join the Congressional Diabetes Caucus

Originally formed in 1996, the bipartisan Congressional Diabetes Caucus has grown into the largest and one of the most influential member organizations of Capital Hill. The Congressional Diabetes Caucus boasts over 350 members that work together to pursue common legislative goals to promote the well-being of those affected by diabetes. The current mission of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus is to educate members of Congress and their staff about diabetes and to support legislative activities that would improve diabetes research, education and treatment.Within the 116th Congress, the caucus aims to:

  • Urge relevant authorizing committees to support diabetes programs and patient care through letters and testimony.
  • Hold informational events for Members and staff here in DC to increase awareness of the disease among Members.
  • Ensure diabetes is adequately addressed in all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Continue to build the House Congressional Diabetes Caucus into a sustainable, dynamic political force and informational clearinghouse by increasing membership and activities.

The Congressional Diabetes Caucus has contributed to legislation providing Medicare coverage for glucose monitors, testing strips, and additional diabetes education.Recently, the caucus has focused on access to affordable insulin. The current co-chairs Tom Reed (R-NY) and Diana DeGette (D-CO) lead a discussion that involved pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers, patient opinions, pharmacies, insulin providers, and more. This extended study led to the production of the 2018 report on insulin pricing. Read our full explanation of the report here.The Congressional Diabetes Caucus is run by and includes people who are very passionate about getting the best possible care and tools to people with diabetes. When we're considering policy or legislation, the Caucus leadership is our first stop - they know who will be the most effective advocates and how to reach out to them. And members of the Caucus are always ready to listen to patient opinions on different bills, which shows they care about our community.

Do you know if your representative is part of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus? They should be! Here's an opportunity to find out and thank them - or ask them to join!

Is Your Representative on the Congressional Diabetes Caucus?

There has never been a better time to ensure that your representative is a member of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus. Our community has a lot at stake: prescription drug access, rebate reform, and much more - we need everyone involved! If your representative isn't a part of the Caucus, here's your chance to tell them to join - and if they are a member, here's your chance to thank them!Click Here