Congressman Rush Introduces Insulin Access Bill

Congressman Bobby Rush (Illinois 1st district) along with 33 cosponsors today introduced a bill that would dramatically increase access to insulin. H.R. 366 eliminates the cost sharing requirement under Medicare and Medicaid for insulin.

The bill is formally named the Insulin Access for All Act of 2019. The full text of H.R. 366 will be available HERE a few days after introduction. The bill would amend the Social Security Act to eliminate cost sharing with respect to coverage of insulin as a covered part D drug under the Medicare program or as a covered outpatient drug under the Medicaid program.

According to a press release, Rep. Rush was inspired to act so that people with diabetes would no longer have to pay an out-of-pocket cost for their insulin. “This bill, introduced with significant cosponsors, addresses the appalling issue plaguing Americans who have one of the most devastating and debilitating diseases of modern times — diabetes. There are many who simply cannot afford the insulin they need to live longer, active, and productive lives. [...] No American should go without life-sustaining medication,” said Rush.

DPAC applauds the Congressman and his efforts to make insulin more accessible!