Guest Blog: Erin Bubb on What Patients are Doing with DPAC

Out of all the organizations out there, why DPAC?

Most of us who have lived in this world realize that, in order to effect the greatest amount of change you start from the top-down. DPAC starts with those seated in positions that have the power to literally change the world of those living with Diabetes. DPAC strives to make Diabetes Advocacy simple, so that “regular people” can change their voice into action.Recently, DPAC had a Policy Training Meeting (PTM) to equip those “regular people” and develop them into "Champions for the Cause." Items covered were: Advocating using Social Media, Talking to the Press, Overview of Diabetes Legislation, Access to Affordable Insulin, Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT), Knowing the Facts, Advocating at the State level, and telling My Story.

As I sat in that hotel conference room, I had mixed emotions about what I, a mom of a T1D, from a small town in Michigan was doing with people who are doing “real adult things,” and have already done so much for the diabetes community. Then we were tasked with writing Our Story, the story of why we fight.The story that no one else can tell. The story that made us say “Hell Yes, I’ll Go,” when DPAC said come fight with us. My story is not more compelling than anyone else’s story; it is just being amended to have a better ending.An ending where my son doesn’t feel afraid to sleep at night, where he can chase his dreams, where he doesn’t feel like an outcast, and where he won’t have to fight, every month, for the medication that he needs to live on this Earth.

My Story, comes with boxing gloves, because this Momma Bear is ready to fight.

After the PTM, I felt more knowledgeable about the causes and how to use my voice. I felt more equipped to speak about the facts, and I felt empowered to bring the concerns of the Diabetes Community to The Hill. Now my fight has focus and I have a firm foundation of knowledge to stand on. I feel like, if I asked, every single member of DPAC would stand next to me in that little Michigan town and fight alongside me.The saying from the Lorax comes to mind when I think about this amazing group of people, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” We may not be power-houses in our communities, but we care! We care enough to say, there has to be a better way!

Erin hails from the great state of Michigan. She is a wife, mother, lover of music, nature, and Michigan football. Her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of five (2015). Since then, she has immersed herself in learning all she can about this disease and how it impacts individuals and families.Erin has heard so many heart-wrenching stories that scream for change in the diabetes community. She has a passion to make these stories known and affect change. Erin currently volunteers on the Patient Advisory Council at her local hospital and enjoys connecting patients, caregivers, providers, and staff to help make Diabetes care a positive experience for all involved. She is passionate about non-medical switching and providing support for the diabetes community.