Kentuckians: Ask Your Legislature to Support H.B. 64

Ask Kentucky lawmakers to support H.B. 64, which would allow pharmacists to prescribe the appropriate amount of a medication to a person facing an emergency - like someone who drops their last bottle of insulin on a Friday night!

Not Having Insulin is Simply Not an Option

For the 531,646 people in Kentucky with diabetes, not having insulin is not an option. Currently, emergency insulin is given only in a standardized amount, their preset ’72 hour emergency supply.’ Yet, each patient’s insulin needs differ, and sometimes the current emergency supply is not enough.

H.B. 64 would allow pharmacists to dispense the appropriate amount of prescription medications to patients in an emergent situation who are unable to get a prescription from their healthcare provider. This would allow insulin to be administered in an appropriate amount without need for concern. For a person who needs insulin, the time from being a healthy person with diabetes to hospitalization or death can be less than 72 hours.Unfortunately, emergencies, such as dropping a bottle of insulin after hours, are common and the need for preventative measures is important. Providing patients with the means to access their medication in urgent conditions improves their quality of life. A simple accident could put a diabetic’s health at risk, a situation currently unfixable by patient or pharmacist with the current emergent prescription rules.

Emergency Medication is Necessary for Maintaining Health

Regardless of the type of diabetes or the medication regimen, emergency access to medication for each individual is crucial for maintaining health. The financial burden of treating short- and long-term complications due to lack of access impacts insurance providers and the state's healthcare budget. ER visits and hospitalizations that could be avoided with this bill will not only save money, but save lives.

Take Action Now!

Patients MUST have access to emergency medication in an amount best suited for them. A patient who is given a preset ’72 hour emergency supply’ can be dangerously under-medicated and can face serious complications. Click below to send a letter to lawmakers in Kentucky to support H.B. 64 to give patients access to emergency medication

Write a Letter to Kentucky Lawmakers

Kentuckians: Share your opinion and send a letter to lawmakers in support of H.B. 64 and emergency prescriptions!Click Here