Kentucky Legislature Passes Emergency Prescription Bill

Congratulations Kentuckians! Your advocacy has paid off. On March 26th, the Governor signed H.B. 64 into law. This law allows pharmacists to dispense the appropriate amount of prescription medications to patients who are experiencing an emergency situation and unable to get a prescription from their healthcare practitioner. Before this bill was passed, Kentucky pharmacists were only allowed to dispense emergency insulin in a preset, standardardized amount. But every person with diabetes has different needs, and that preset amount won’t be enough for everyone. Now, pharmacists are allowed to dispense the appropriate amount of insulin (and some other life-sustaining prescription medications) that a patient needs to get through an emergency situation. This is a great win for our community, and one more way we can ensure people who rely on insulin stay safe!

Thank you to everyone who sent a letter and shared DPAC’s call to action. Your efforts have paid off!